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New Missouri Broadband Map

The Missouri Public Broadband Availability Interactive Map v1 is now available at  A brief tutorial video is provided below. The interactive map serves as a hub for presenting up-to-date data, including:

  • Unserved/underserved/served locations.*  See service provider, technology, and speed by location. 
  • Funded/not funded locations receiving upgrades through already awarded grant funds. See grant fund name and awarded provider by location. The next map deployment will also include a funded area layer showing the boundaries of awarded projects.  
  • Service availability by various geographic boundaries (e.g. legislative district, county, school district). See broadband and digital equity indicator data by selected area.  

*Note- In relation to the BEAD State Challenge Process, this data is a preliminary version as it does not yet reflect Missouri’s proposed pre-challenge modifications (modifications are pending NTIA approval). We will continue to communicate as we have approvals and updates are made.  

The interactive map will also serve as the State Challenge Portal. This additional challenge hub functionality is expected to be released in March and will offer ways for stakeholders to provide feedback.

Provider Registration

Before the State Challenge Portal opens, the Office of Broadband Development is encouraging providers to register in the interactive map. It is essential that ISPs register to not only submit challenges that will guide the distribution of roughly $1.7 billion state allocated BEAD funds, but also respond to challenges against their coverage areas. In the tutorial video below, instructions for registering begin at minute mark 4:36.

Dataset Downloads (csv format)- The preliminary BEAD location eligibility data in the map is available for download in the following reports. To map this data to specific coordinates and addresses, GIS software and a location fabric license* are required.    

  • Location status - indicates the preliminary availability and funding status by location id.
  • Funding summary - indicates the preliminary funding data, including funded program and brand name, by location id.

*Under the terms of OBD’s license, the office cannot allow downloads of the fabric used to generate maps or otherwise make them available to unlicensed third parties. Parties interested in analyzing this data using their internal GIS resources will need to apply for a license at More details about this process were provided in a previous OBD Stakeholder Update.  The recording can be found at this link.  Information about licensing begins at minute mark 36:26.

New Missouri Broadband Map (From 1/26/24 Stakeholder Call)


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The Office of Broadband Development is also interested in identifying areas with large-scale errors for targeted outreach and potential bulk challenges. If you see such areas on the map, or if your organization has access to data that could be used to establish large-scale challenges either in terms of where potentially broadband-serviceable locations are situated or what services are actually available at given locations, please contact us.

For questions or information, contact our office at 573-526-1028 or