Community Development Block Grant - Community Facility

This program helps Missouri communities construct facilities that will serve a large portion of the public with a variety of services. With education and health/well-being programs taking priority, communities can utilize this program to construct senior centers, day care centers, rural health clinics, telecommunications, and 911 services, among others.

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Eligibility requirements: 
  • Applications that prove a need for the facility to serve a large portion of the public and implement a variety of services and programs will receive consideration.
  • Education and health/well-being programs are priorities.  The facility must establish its ability to sustain the operation long after construction is complete. The Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program and USDA Rural Development are programs where CDBG funds may match a larger project.
  • At least 51% of the population of the beneficiaries served must be low to moderate-income persons.

Eligible Uses:

Community facilities, including senior centers, day care centers, community centers, youth centers, 911 services, rural health clinics (facilities without state funding), telecommunications, and others designed to provide a service or group of services from one central location for a prescribed area of residents or users.  This may include the infrastructure necessary to support the facility, as well.  A local government or non-profit agency must own the facility.  It is the responsibility of the city/county applicant to ensure the non-profit status of the entity seeking assistance.  The non-profit organization must have adequate operating funds and management structure to successfully operate the facility. 

Funding Limits:

The maximum amount is a total of $350,000 per household that would benefit from the facility. 

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