Broadband Development

There is a critical need for broadband availability in Missouri. Currently, almost 20% of Missourians – more than 1.2 million citizens – do not have access to high-speed internet. The Office of Broadband Development is focused on addressing this issue by working with providers, communities, and stakeholders in Missouri to expand and accelerate broadband deployment in five core areas including:

  • Increase broadband data collection and utilization
  • Accelerate broadband infrastructure and access.
  • Leverage partnerships to accelerate broadband efforts.
  • Increase Broadband Adoption & Awareness
  • Promote Efficiencies and Opportunities in Broadband Development

These efforts will lead to significant improvement in broadband access across Missouri, providing enhancements to businesses, agriculture, healthcare, education, and workforce development for present and future generations. For more information or assistance email Tim Arbeiter, Director of Broadband Development at

Missouri Broadband Grant Program

Broadband News

Missouri Broadband Grant Program Advances in Appropriations Process

The Missouri Legislature's Budget Conference Committee will meet next week to iron out differences between the House and Senate versions of the State budget. The House included $2.5 million for the inaugural Broadband Grant Program and was referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee, which increased the appropriation amount to the Governor's recommendation of $5.0 million. Legislative leaders from both chambers will determine the final amount to be included in the FY20 State Budget. Once their recommendation is complete, it will be put to a full vote of the House and the Senate and sent to the Governor's desk for his consideration.

Did you miss the 2019 Missouri Broadband Leaders Academy?

Looking to get more involved with broadband development in your community, county, or region? The Broadband Leaders Academy is for you!  

The Department of Economic Development partnered with the Hawthorn Foundation and the Department of Agriculture to co-host this special event. Specifically designed for civic leaders, community planners, engaged citizens, and broadband providers, the Broadband Leaders Academy was packed with great information and resources for accelerating broadband throughout rural Missouri. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions with state leaders, receive the latest updates on important initiatives, and participate in two in-depth technical assistance sessions on community broadband planning and funding strategies.

If you missed the Broadband Leaders Academy​ or you would like to view the presentations, click here.