Business Climate Comparison
Check out this helpful state comparison tool from our partners at the Missouri Partnership and see for yourself how how highly we rank.
 Robust Transportation
From the largest river system in the nation to 19 freight railroads, and more than 99 airports, largest highway system (ranked 7th), Missouri can help you connect quickly with your customers.
 31 Certified Sites
If you are looking to grow but you do not have a lot of time, check out our certified sites which have been pre-qualified  through a standardization process to meet the requirements of industry. Development and business prospects can review sites for compatibility with their development needs.
 133 Enhanced Enterprise Zones
​Businesses locating or expanding in these designated certified geographical areas may access local incentives through local real property abatement for improvements made to an existing facility or for the construction of a new facility.

 Small Business

Missouri IDEA funds
Have the next big idea in tech or innovation? This co-investment program provides early-stage capital to help startups leverage and attract private investments necessary to fund product development, commercialization, or to hire key staff to help your startup grow.
Small Business Loan Program
These low-interest or zero-interest direct loans help small businesses take steps toward expanding and creating jobs.
Small Business Incubator Tax Credit Program
This program helps small business incubators leverage funds to use for working capital and other non-operating expenditures that support new business creation in communities.

Check out our other Small Business/Startup Resources




Global Market Access Program (Exporting Assistance)
Connect with customers around the globe! By accessing financial assistance, you can participate in trade shows and missions and market your products to a worldwide audience.
Missouri wants to increase the number of small businesses that are exporting and increase the value of exports for those small businesses that are currently exporting. Learn more about how to  increase sales of your products on an international scale.

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 Housing & Redevelopment 

Rental Production and Preservation Program
Helps communities increase supply of housing for low and moderate income families by providing a tax credit for developers to rehabilitate or construct rental housing.
Investor Tax Credit (for low-income housing projects)
Provides a federal tax credit to investors for the construction, or acquisition and rehabilitation of an affordable housing development.
Affordable Housing Assistance Tax Credit Program
Helps communities meet low-income housing needs by providing tax credits to non-profit, community-based organizations for the purpose of providing affordable housing assistance activities or market rate housing in distressed communities.
Brownfield Redevelopment Program
As a means to redevelop contaminated commercial/industrial sites, this program provides financial benefits for remediation purposes. These projects must result in the creation of at least 10 new jobs or the retention of 25 jobs.
Historic Preservation
Preserving our state’s history and culture is vital to growing the economy and attracting talent. This program incentivizes developers to maintaining the integrity of our historic buildings, giving them new life.
Downtown Preservation
Improve the cultural heartbeat of your community by redeveloping your downtown. Re-polish those blighted Main Streets and Broadways that help define your town and reinvigorate tourism.
Neighborhood Preservation Act

Provides incentives for the rehabilitation or construction of owner-occupied homes in eligible areas of the state.

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 Business Development

Missouri Works Program
As the state’s number one incentive tool for expansion and retention, this program helps businesses access capital through withholdings or tax credits to embark on facility expansions and create jobs. This program can also help businesses purchase equipment to maintain its facility in Missouri.
To help companies embark on major investment and job creation expansions, this program provides funding to reduce necessary infrastructure and equipment expenses through the form of bonds.
Business Facility Tax Credit Program
New or existing Missouri companies looking to embark on locating or expanding their headquarters in the state may be able to access incentives based on the number of news jobs and investment associated with the project.
MDFB Single Issue Tax-Exempt Industrial Revenue Bonds
This program is an innovative method of financing (i) the acquisition, construction and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment, and (ii) refinancing outstanding tax-exempt bonds. The Tax-Exempt Program provides low interest rate loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds by the Missouri Development Finance Board.
MDFB Single Issue Taxable Industrial Revenue Bond Program
This program is an innovative method of financing the acquisition, construction and equipping of qualified facilities and/or equipment. All types of retail, commercial and industrial projects qualify for participation in the Taxable Bond Program. The program provides competitive rate loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of private activity, industrial revenue bonds by the Missouri Development Finance Board.
Chapters 100 Sales Tax Exemption, Personal Property
Companies that are considering an expansion in an economically distressed or blighted area with intentions to create above-average wage jobs may be able to access bond proceeds to purchase tangible personal property.
Data Center Sales Tax Exemption
Data hosting or internet publishing companies looking to locate or expand an existing data center facility may be able to access sales and utility tax exemptions based on the estimated costs of construction materials, machinery and equipment purchases, and utility costs.
Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers
To grow the state’s manufacturing industry, a variety of producers (electrical energy, coal, gas, machinery equipment, chemicals, energy sources, materials, etc), can access a 4.225 state sales tax exemption as well as a local use tax.
Tax-Exempt Industrial Revenue Bond Program
Provides low-interest loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds for the acquisition, construction, and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment.
Wine and Grape Tax Credit
With more than 120 wineries throughout the state, Missouri supports continued growth for our vineyards and wine producers. Through this program, growers and producers can access tax credits for the purchase of new equipment and materials for expanding Missouri’s win industry.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
To encourage the hiring of Missourians with barriers to employment, such as unemployed Veterans or former felons, employers can access tax credits for wages paid to new employees. There is no limit on the number of hires through this program.

Local Business Development Programs

Previously Approved and Proposed Projects Only

See other Business Development programs offered to Communities

 Missouri One Start
With the state’s premier company training program, Missouri companies can become more competitive by increasing the skills and productivity of their workforce. This program provides leading edge training that is customized for each company. Give your team what it needs to win!
Take the hassle out of hiring. Post a detailed job order with us to connect with candidates who meet work experience, education, and other job qualifications. We also offer consulting and can help increase your hiring success as well as connect you with regional and statewide resources make your business more successful.
 Employment Transition Team
In the event of a layoff, our team of professionals can help guide both affected employers and employees with customized services – all at no charge. Transitioning these workers to new employment or to new career opportunities helps keep your unemployment insurance low and is a courtesy to your former employees.
 On-the-Job Training (OJT)
Access wage reimbursements for new hires during the period you are getting them up to speed. You walk away with a confident newly trained employee AND a savings to your payroll.
 National Career Readiness Certificate
Hiring? Get connected with candidates who can verify they have what it takes to learn new processes quickly and effectively. Through the ACT’s NCRC program, workers obtain various levels of certificates through knowledge and skills-based tests. Employers across the state are now using this tool to promote and hire workers. Get matched with the right candidates the first time around!
 Business Specialists
Our helpful and knowledgeable Business Specialists located across the state can help walk your growing company through Missouri’s business incentive programs as well as connect you with other resources to meet your specific needs. From retention projects, expansions, workforce training, infrastructure development and more, our team can help your business thrive.
We can help your business in the exporting process, assist in identifying buyers in foreign countries, and provide funding to help you connect with customers around the globe. Missouri also has an Online Product Directory to showcase your goods to buyers 24/7. Connect with your regional trade manager
With centers across the state, your startup is sure to find the space, mentorship, and connection to resources at one of our entrepreneurial ecosystems.
 Missouri Business Locator
With the 3rd most diverse economy in the world, Missouri is home to nearly every type of business and industry. Check out the businesses in your community and start networking today.
 MO Source Link
Launched by one of Missouri’s very one entrepreneurs, this resource database provides valuable assistance to new and growing businesses.
 Missouri Enterprise
We make things in Missouri and with Missouri Enterprise, you can improve your manufacturing systems, develop & manage supply chains and partnerships, develop and market new products and services and learn how to secure business advantages in the global markets.
 Missouri EB-5 Investor Visa Program
This program provides for a limited number of immigrant visas to individuals desiring to engage in new commercial enterprise in Missouri and create new jobs in rural areas or areas with high unemployment. Projects must meet investment thresholds.
 Mutual Fund Tax Apportionment
To stimulate the mutual fund industry in Missouri, this program helps certify investment advisory firms or those providing services on behalf of an investment company, allowing them to utilize a more favorable state income apportionment method for tax purposes.
 Property and Community Site Information
There are a number of reasons to choose Missouri as the location of your business. With this helpful tool, you can choose from hundreds of available real estate (sites and buildings), as well as learn about the local and regional amenities and resources.
 Local/Regional Economic Development Partners
Connect with our regional partnering agencies that can help you access resources from a local level.
 Women’s Business Assistance
The Women’s Council serves as a resource and referral center to help encourage, educate and support Missouri women as they pursue their economic goals. They connect women to a network of accessible, high quality advisory services and information ranging from employment and training, to information on starting a business to how to balance work and family.
 Film Production
The Film Commission attracts film, television, video and cable productions to Missouri, and to promote the growth of the film and video production industry within Missouri. The Commission operates a full-service office devoted to saving filmmakers time, effort and money in arranging a shoot.

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