Missouri Works

As the state’s number one incentive tool for expansion and retention, this program helps businesses access capital through withholdings or tax credits to embark on facility expansions and create jobs. This program can also help businesses purchase equipment to maintain its facility in Missouri. Looking for cutting-edge training programs that will get your workforce up to speed? Learn more about our premier workforce training program, Missouri One Start.

Missouri Works Disaster Remedy – HB 2400 

New legislation was passed to help companies enrolled in the Missouri Works program that were impacted by COVID-19. The legislation allows a company to elect a one-time pause of program deadlines and benefits equivalent to the duration of the state of emergency.

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DED held a training webinar on September 30, 2022, to answer questions and help companies determine if they could benefit from this new legislation. Presentation slides from the webinar are available for review here.

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When saving information to the FTP site, please save applicable items as follows:
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A notification email confirming receipt will be sent to the email address listed in the application within 3 business days.

Eligibility requirements: 
  • For-Profit or non-profit businesses.
  • Not Eligible: 
    - Gambling establishments, food and drinking places, public utilities, educational services, religious organizations, public administration, ethanol distillation or production, biodiesel production, healthcare and social services, or store front consumer-based retail trade establishments not located in a third or fourth class county.
    - Businesses that are delinquent in payment of any nonprotested taxes or other payments (state, federal, local).
    - Businesses that have filed for or have publicly announced their intention to file for bankruptcy, unless certain requirements are met.
    - Businesses that are relocating jobs from Johnson, Miami, or Wyandotte counties in Kansas to Jackson, Platte, Clay or Cass counties in Missouri. However, net new jobs created above a qualified company’s base employment may be eligible for benefits.

  • Note: Headquarters, administrative, or research and development offices of otherwise excluded businesses may be eligible if the predominant function of such offices is to serve a multistate territory.

Program Minimum New Jobs Minimum New Private Capital Investment Minimum Average Wage Automatic Benefit
Zone Works
(Note 1)
2 $100,000 80% of County Av. Wage WH, 5 or 6 years (Note 3)
Rural Works
(Note 2)
2 $100,000 90% of County Avg. Wage WH, 5 or 6 years (Note 3)
Statewide Works 10 N/A 90% of County Avg. Wage WH, 5 or 6 years (Note 3)
Mega Works
100 N/A 120% of County Avg. Wage 6% of new payroll, 5 or 6 
years (Note 3)
Mega Works
100 N/A 140% of County Avg. Wage 7% of new payroll, 5 or 6
years (Note 3)
Qualified Military Projects 10 Real or personal property amount as outlined in the proposal 90% of County Avg. Wage Tax credits equal to the estimated WH taxes for a term up to 15 years. Must receive a proposal for benefits.
  • "WH” means the retention of the state withholding tax of the new jobs
  • Note 1: Project facility must be located in an Enhanced Enterprise Zone.
  • Note 2: Project facility must be located in a “rural” county, which would NOT include Boone, Buchanan, Clay, Greene, Jackson, Platte, St. Charles, and St. Louis City and County
  • Note 3: Benefit period is 5 years, or 6 years for existing Missouri companies (those that have been operational in Missouri for at least 10 years).

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