Neighborhood Preservation Act

To provide an incentive for the rehabilitation or construction of owner-occupied homes in certain areas of the state.

The 2017 NPA application period is now closed.  The department is currently reviewing and processing the 2017 NPA applications that were received for the 2017 application cycle.  Once the applications have been reviewed and processed, approval and denial letters will be sent.

Note:  Please submit the Certification of Alien Employment form with all final applications. This includes all program years, 2000-present. Originally this document was sent with the final application from 2000-2004. However, in 2005 the form was included with the preliminary application. There has been a change in requirements and this form is now required with the final application for all program years including 2000-present.

Not currently accepting
Eligibility requirements: 

“Qualifying Areas” include “distressed communities,” as defined in 135.530, RSMo, and areas with a median household income of less than 70% of the median household income for the applicable MSA or non-MSA.

“Eligible Areas” with a median household income of 70% to 89% of the median household income for the applicable MSA or non-MSA.

Any taxpayer who incurs eligible costs for a new residence or rehabilitates a residence for owner occupancy that is located in a designated are

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