Military Community Reinvestment Grant


The FY2025 Application Cycle is now open. Applications are due by 5:00 pm on July 12, 2024.


Per Section 620.3300 RSMo, this program assists Missouri’s military communities in supporting and sustaining their installations, to encourage communities to initiate coordinated response programs and action plans in advance of future federal government realignment and closure decisions, and to support community efforts to attract new or expanded military missions.

FY2024 Military Community Reinvestment Grant Application Cycle is Now Open

The Fiscal Year 2025 Military Community Reinvestment Grant application cycle is now open, with the program guidelines and application now available. Applications will be due from new applicants by July 12, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

To assist organizations with the application process, the Missouri Department of Economic Development welcomes organizations interested in this program to contact with any questions.

Do I Qualify?

Eligibility Requirements

Any community-based organization, defined as a Missouri nonprofit corporation in good standing with the State that is organized under Chapter 355, RSMo and which has as its primary or substantial purpose the support and sustainment of a military installation or installations; or a local government located in a military community.

Eligibility Uses

  • Developing and implementing public-to-public partnerships with military installations that reduce installation costs and increase funding available for mission performance.
  • Developing plans for the reuse of closed or realigned military installations or facilities.
  • Developing local or regional marketing plans, techniques, and activities, including those that communicate the nature and value of military installations and military service.
  • Implementing programs to assist with diversification of the military installation community’s economy by increasing non-defense economic development and employment.
  • Performing in-depth research and analysis regarding local or regional employment, housing, infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other factors that affect the attractiveness of the community for future military investments.
  • Leading or participating in programs or activities to develop or improve the quality of life in military communities, including the areas of education, transportation, health care, and infrastructure development and transportation.

Funding Limits

For FY2025, *$291,000 will be available under the Military Community Reinvestment Grant (MCRG). Grantees must enter an Agreement with the Department of Economic Development (DED) to receive funds. Funded activities must be completed with reimbursement requested by May 30, 2025.

* Per statute, up to $300,000 may be appropriated to qualifying projects through the Missouri Military Community Reinvestment Grant Program Fund. The General Assembly appropriated $300,000 for FY2025. State financial regulations also require three percent of the appropriation amount be held for the Governor’s standard reserve. 

How Do I Apply?

Upload Program Application(s) and Documents

The FTP is a file system that allows you to send large documents that are too big to go through email. Sending documents through FTP can also help you save space in your inbox!

To upload a file, please click the following link and enter the username and password provided below:

Password: BCSformupload2022

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A notification email confirming receipt will be sent to the email address listed in the application within 3 business days.

Program documents can be accepted as either digital or original documents. If you choose to mail an original document, please refrain from uploading a duplicate. Likewise, please do NOT mail an original copy if you have uploaded the same file through this web page.

Any original documents should be mailed to the address below:

Department of Economic Development
PO Box 118
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Need Help?

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