Community Development Block Grants Water/Wastewater


This category provides funding for communities to make improvements to drinking water and wastewater systems, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development. Proposals are accepted at any time through the Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee to determine financing structures available among the participating agencies.  If a need for CDBG funding is identified, the community is invited to make full application.

Do I Qualify?

Program Benefits/Eligible Uses

Grants may be used for construction that is related to water treatment and distribution, and sewer treatment and collection for publicly owned systems. Operation and maintenance activities and not eligible. 


Funding Limits

The maximum amount any applicant can apply for is $750,000 or $5,000 per household. 


Application/Approval Procedure

Applications are open cycle (year-round), but require an invitation after completing the Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee (MWWRC) process. The process includes submission of a preliminary proposal and engineering report to MWWRC for review and comment. The MWWRC meets monthly and is made up of members from USDA-Rural Development, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and CDBG.  


Special Program Requirements

Applicants must be sure that the project beneficiaries are at least 51% low-to-moderate income persons.

New water or sewer systems or expansion/upgrades of existing systems that have substantiated health concerns are prioritized.  Successful applicants must demonstrate that rates will adequately cover operation, maintenance, reserves, emergencies, employee overhead, etc; or, the community must have initiated a graduated rate increase that will provide adequate operating costs over a period of years.  Communities applying a regional approach to problem solving will receive priority consideration as well.


LMI National Objective

Any community attempting to qualify a project under the LMI Area Benefit (LMA) National Objective by Census must use the FY 2023 ACS 5-Year 2011-2015 Low- and Moderate-Income Summary Data, available on HUD’s website (accessed here).  Data may be accessed on the right hand column of the website by selecting “Local Government Summaries” for municipal- and county-level data, or one of the other dataset links for other defined Census geographies.  

**Please note that, at this time, HUD has not updated its LMI Mapping Tool with FY23 data so this should not be used to determine your project’s eligibility.


FY23 Income Limits

HUD has published the new income limits for any local income surveys.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Review Missouri Water/Wastewater Review Committee MWWRC Proposal Guidelines 
  2. Download and complete MWWRC Proposal
  3. Upload proposal and support documents to the CDBG MoFTP using username: ded.cdbg and password: BCSformupload2020
  4. Proposals will be reviewed for completeness, accuracy, funding structure, environmental safety, cost-effectiveness and long-term benefit by the MWWRC
  5. If CDBG funding is necessary, an Invitation to Apply and full application package will be provided to Applicant

Water/Wastewater Proposal Guidelines

Need Help?


CDBG Phone: (573)751-3600