Community Development Block Grants - Workforce Training Initiative


Quality job training opportunities are not universally available throughout Missouri. To address the gaps, the Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) will make available grant funds through the State Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). 

The DED Division of Business and Community Solutions will accept proposals for financial assistance to support capital improvements and fixed equipment directly in support of successful job training programs that will increase access job training in underserved areas and for persons of low and moderate income (LMI).

Job training is defined in this program as a method of skill development and is different from the types of learning typically delivered to students seeking high school diplomas or college degrees and certificates.  Job training focuses primarily on the practical application of work-related skills rather than theoretical concepts.  While there may be some classroom learning, the focus of this type of training is specific to a current job or job opportunity.  It should be based on data that the project targets growth occupations.  The training under this program will teach specific tasks and may provide a competency certification versus teaching general concepts. 

Note: Only non-entitlement communities will be eligible for Workforce Training Initiative grant funds.  Refer to the program guidelines for additional details.  

Funds are one-time and are not designed to support ongoing operation costs.

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Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible applicants for funding include:

  • Local governments in non-entitlement areas. A local government may apply on behalf of a Missouri non-profit, public high school, community college, public technical college, or public university.

Initiative Contacts:

For CDBG and general initiative questions, contact us at

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