27North to expand in Springfield, investing $400,000 and creating 32 new jobs

27North, a leading manufacturer of luxury expedition vehicles, has announced that it will expand in Springfield, investing $400,000 and creating 32 new jobs over the next five years. The company’s expansion includes the launch of a new line of trucks that promises to elevate the expedition experience.

“27North is another example of a leading employer growing as a result of our state’s prime business climate,” said Governor Mike Parson. “We’re thrilled to see this company investing and creating jobs in Springfield while increasing its capability to produce quality products. We congratulate 27North on its expansion and look forward to its continued success in southwest Missouri.”

27North provides high quality, luxury expedition vehicles constructed from top-notch materials. With every vehicle built, the company upholds its commitment to help customers explore the world in style and comfort. 27North offers a variety of products, including expedition vans and adventure trucks, and is constantly undergoing research and development to ensure innovation.

“By consolidating production under one roof, 27North is driving economic opportunity and growth back to American soil, creating more jobs and reinforcing its commitment to quality,” said Pavel Bosovik, CEO of 27North. “The move ensures greater control over the manufacturing process and a renewed focus on delivering the highest standard of expedition vehicles to customers worldwide.”

27North also held a grand opening on May 2 for a new facility that will allow for in-house design and manufacturing of fiberglass shells for its popular RexRover truck line. In-house production of the RexRover, built on a reliable Ford F-350 chassis, will ensure American craftsmanship and quality while improving profit margins, adding value for customers, and creating economic opportunity. Fiberglass shells for the RexRover were previously imported from South Korea.

“We’re excited to see an innovative company like 27North expanding and creating opportunities in Springfield,” said Michelle Hataway, Director of the Department of Economic Development. “27North’s emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer service aligns perfectly with our values and mission of helping Missourians prosper.”

For this expansion, 27North will benefit from the Missouri Works program, a tool that helps companies expand and retain workers by providing access to capital through withholdings or tax credits for job creation. The company is also receiving assistance from Missouri One Start, a division of the Department of Economic Development. Missouri One Start assists eligible businesses with their recruitment and training needs.

About 27North

27North’s mission is to provide the highest quality luxury expedition vehicles and exceptional customer service while creating lasting memories. The company uses top-notch materials, constantly improves its products, and delivers an unforgettable experience that exceeds expectations. 27North is passionate about helping customers explore the world in style and comfort, delivering on its promise with every vehicle built.

To learn more about 27North, visit the27north.com.

About the Missouri Department of Economic Development

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) works to create an environment that encourages economic growth by supporting Missouri’s businesses and diverse industries, strengthening our communities, developing a talented and skilled workforce, and maintaining a high quality of life. As one team built around the customer and driven by data, DED aspires to be the best economic development department in the Midwest. Through its various initiatives, DED is helping create opportunities for Missourians to prosper.

For the latest updates on DED’s current or future programs and initiatives, visit DED’s website.

About the Missouri Works Program

As the state’s number one incentive tool for expansion and retention, the Missouri Works Program helps businesses access capital through withholdings or tax credits to embark on facility expansions and create jobs. This program can also help businesses purchase equipment to maintain its facility in Missouri.

About Missouri One Start

Missouri One Start is the state’s premier workforce recruitment and training division. It helps eligible businesses of all sizes stay competitive by providing customized recruitment assistance, along with resources to train and upskill new and existing employees. Its recruitment strategies and training programs are tailored to the specific workforce needs of the businesses it serves.