Learn about ways your community can embark on renewable energy projects. This program provides financial incentives for public infrastructure for the development of renewable fuel production facility or new generation processing entity facility to spur job creation and agricultural product markets throughout the state.

Applications are accepted year round.

Eligibility requirements: 

A contiguous development area, not encompassing more than 10% of the area of an eligible municipality.

Any incorporated Missouri city, town, village or county established on or prior to January 1, 2001, having a population of 99,999 or less.

Projects must be for the creation of a renewable fuel production facility or other eligible new generation processing facility, which: a) promotes the development of a facility producing either a good derived from an agricultural product, with a cost of at least $3 million; or b) promotes business location or expansion with a cost of at least $3 million, and projected to create at least 30 new jobs.

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