Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement Zones


Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement (TIME) Zones may be created by communities for the purpose of completing infrastructure projects to promote economic development. The zone board governing an established TIME zone may enter an agreement with the Department to retain 25% of the state withholding tax from new jobs within the zone to fund improvements in the zone.

Notification of zone establishment and applications for incentives can be made year-round beginning August 28, 2022. No new zones shall be established after August 28, 2025.

Do I Qualify?

TIME Zones are specified geographic areas designated by at least two contiguous or overlapping local governments. Zone designation is based on certain demographic criteria, the intent to improve infrastructure or buildings in the development area, and the potential to create jobs in the development area. The zone designation demographic criteria currently utilizes populations and income data from the 2020 Census, US Census Bureau. TIME zones may not overlap the boundaries of an advanced industrial manufacturing (AIM) zone.

To be eligible for the retention of tax withholdings there must be an increase in the number of full-time employees located at the project facility that exceeds the project facility base employment less any decrease in the number of full-time employees at related facilities below the related facility base employment. No job that was created prior to the date of the agreement with the department shall be deemed a new job. An employee that spends less than fifty percent of the employee’s work time at the facility is still considered to be located at a facility if the employee receives his or her directions and control from that facility, is on the facility’s payroll, one hundred percent of the employee’s income from such employment is Missouri income and the employee is paid at or above the state average wage.

A related facility is a facility operated by a company or a related company prior to the establishment of the TIME Zone in question which is directly related to the operations of the facility within the new TIME Zone.

How Do I Apply?

Upload Program Application(s) and Documents

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To upload a file, please click the following link and enter the username and password provided below:

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