Private Activity Bond Allocation "Tax Exempt" Bond Cap


DED is accepting PABA applications for funding during the 2023 calendar year through Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Applications seeking funding during 2023 but received after this date will be returned for resubmission during the 2024 calendar year.

Refer to the Printable Program Summary for details on the program.


Provides lower-interest financing for certain types of projects.

Do I Qualify?

There are many local entities, such as industrial development authorities, that can issue tax-exempt bonds as well. Contact the city government of the location of your proposed project for more information.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Company works with local bond issuing entity, Industrial Development Authority (IDA).
  2. IDA evaluates company's debt proposal and determines if they will issue bonds.
  3. IDA applies on behalf of company to the department for PABA to make issuance tax exempt for other taxable bonds.
  4. Department authorizes PABA.
  5. IDA issues bonds for company.
  6. IDA notifies department of closing.
  7. Company used bond proceeds for eligible project costs.
  8. Company pays debt service on bond.

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