Private Activity Bond Allocation Program


Calendar cycles will begin on January 1 and close on November 18 of each year.


The Private Activity Bond Allocation (PABA) program allows qualified bond issuers to provide lower-interest financing for certain types of projects.

Do I Qualify?

For general informational purposes, the types of projects for which tax-exempt bond cap may be allocated include:

  • Multi-family housing (MFH) and/or elderly rental housing for low income residents
  • Small manufacturing facilities
  • First-time farmers
  • “Utility” projects, including water, sewer, electric and gas
  • Bonds issued to finance student loans
  • Bonds issued to provide loans for homeownership (including first-time homeowners)
  • Broadband facilities for rural areas and
  • Carbon capture facilities

How Do I Apply?

Starting January 1, 2024 please submit your application using Submittable.  

Submittable is a free user friendly electronic submission tool.  

Need Help?

Please reach out with any questions or to report your bond issuances. Please also feel free to leave a voicemail with the details of your bond issuance.  


Phone: 573-522-3478


Program Notes
  • Please be aware that starting January 1, 2024 applicants will need to apply to DED using Submittable.
  • The calendar year 2023 cap for the PABA program is  $741,354,840.00.  
What does the process look like?
  1. Company works with local bond issuing entity.  
  2. The bond issuing entity evaluates the company's debt proposal and determines if they will issue bonds.
  3. The bond issuing entity applies on behalf of the company to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for a Private Activity Bond Allocation. 
  4. DED authorizes a PABA for qualifying projects.
  5. The bond issuing entity issues bonds for the beneficiary.
  6. The bond issuing entity notifies DED of the bond closing by calling 573-522-3478.  
  7. The bond issuing entity sends DED the report of bond issuance, the completed certificate and annual activity report
  8. DED sends the bond issuing entity the signed certificate.