Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale Development (BUILD)


The BUILD program is available to help companies embark on major investment and job creation expansions, provides low-interest loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds for the acquisition, construction, and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment.

Do I Qualify?

Eligibility requirements: 

An eligible industry in manufacturing, processing, assembly, research and development, agricultural processing or services in interstate commerce must invest a minimum of $15 million; or $10 million for an office industry(regional, national or international headquarters, telecommunications operations, computer operations, insurance companies or credit card billing and processing centers) in an economic development project; and

Create a minimum of one hundred new jobs at the project facility within 3 years or a minimum of five hundred jobs if the project is an office industry or a minimum of two hundred new jobs if the project is an office industry located within a distressed community as defined in Section 135.530, RSMo .

Ineligible: Retail, health or professional services, intra-state relocations or replacement facilities

For more information about the BUILD Program, contact the Missouri Development Finance Board.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Department submits proposal with benefits to compan.
  2. Company accepts proposal.
  3. Company submits application for benefits to department and to the Missouri Develonment Finance Board (MDFB) at least two weeks prior to the MDFB board meeting.
  4. Department prepares formal recommendation to the MDFB.
  5. Company presents proiect to the MDFB board meeting (typically the 3rd Tuesday of every month).
  6. MDFB evaluates project.
  7. MDFB board formally approves project at second meeting and schedules a closing.
  8. MDFB and company then close on the bonds.

Need Help?

If you have questions or need assistance:

Phone: 573-751-8479