Motion Media Production Tax Credit Program


This program is designed to recruit motion media productions to the state of Missouri, including film, episodic, commercial, stand-alone post production and other qualified motion media production projects.

Do I Qualify?

  1. Do you meet the minimum spend for the length of your script?
    1. 30 min or less (1-30 pages) = $50,000 minimum spend
    2. 31 min or more (31+ pages) = $100,000 minimum spend
  2. Do you plan to employ at least the following number of Missouri registered apprentices or veterans residing in Missouri with transferable skills?

If qualifying expenses are

Number of Missouri apprentices or veterans with transferrable skills

Less than $5M


$5M - $9,999,999


$10M - $14,999,999




  1. Are you a qualified motion media project? This program does NOT apply to the following:
    1. News or current events programming
    2. Talk show
    3. Production produced primarily for industrial, corporate, or institutional purposes, or for internal use
    4. Sports event or sports program
    5. Gala presentation or awards show
    6. Infomercial or any production that directly solicits funds
    7. Political Ad
    8. Production that is considered obscene, as defined in section 573.010

How Do I Apply?

View the Program Guidelines and learn the full application process.

Application Process Summary
  1. Qualified Motion Media Productions can submit a preliminary application to the Missouri Film Office, along with the below supplemental documents.
    1. Script
    2. Preliminary Qualified Expenses Worksheet
    3. Economic Impact Statement
    4. Percentage Increase Form
  2. The preliminary application and all supplemental documents must be submitted before the first day of principal photography or if stand-alone post-production, before the first day of post. 
  3. Once production/post has wrapped, the production company must submit the final application along with the below supplemental documents within 90 (ninety) days of the date the final qualified expense was incurred. 
    1. Shooting script
    2. Missouri shooting schedule
    3. Call sheets for Missouri shoot dates
    4. Final Qualified Expenses Worksheet
    5. Final Percentage Increase Form
    6. Independent CPA report
  4. All final applications must include a report from a Missouri-licensed CPA, paid for at the production company’s expense, attesting that all of the expenses claimed are qualifying expenses. 

Need Help?

Please reach out to or call (573) 526-3566 for assistance. You can also visit