Amateur Sporting Tax Credit Program


This program provides local community organizations incentives to help those organizations secure location of amateur sporting events in their communities.

Do I Qualify?

One or more certified sponsors, endorsing counties, endorsing municipalities, or a local organizing committee, acting individually or collectively.

How Do I Apply?

Upload Program Application(s) and Documents

The FTP is a file system that allows you to send large documents that are too big to go through email. Sending documents through FTP can also help you save space in your inbox!

To upload a file, please click the following link and enter the username and password provided below: 

Username: ded.redevelopment
Password: BCSformupload2020

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A notification email confirming receipt will be sent to the email address listed in the application within 3 business days.

The original Application and attachments should be mailed to the address below:
Department of Economic Development
PO Box 118
Jefferson City, MO 65102

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