Amateur Sporting Contribution Tax Credit


This program helps provide funding to local organizations, such as convention and visitors bureaus, to help attract sporting events to this state. Donors can make contributions to the organizations and receive a tax credit.

Do I Qualify?

Certified sponsors and local organizing committees.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Eligible Entity (Certified Sponsor or Local Organizing Committee) receives a donation.
  2. Eligible entity submits an application to DED along with 50% of the donation received.
  3. DED evaluates for eligibility.
  4. DED verifies cap space.
  5. If sufficient cap space is available DED issues credit to the initial donor.
  6. The applicant expends the donation on eligible costs to attract sports events to the state.
  7. If remaining cap is insuf- ficient the 50% donation received with the applica- tion is returned and the application is placed on administrative hold.
  8. If cap space becomes available, the application will be denied unless applicant submits a Request for Reactivation within 30 days of official notice.

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