State awards $94.15 million in ARPA funding to help revitalize Missouri communities

The Department of Economic Development (DED) announced today that it has awarded a total of $94.15 million through the Community Revitalization Grant Program for 70 projects across the state. The program, funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), is focused on investing in communities of all sizes to support local priorities, encourage economic recovery, and build resilience for the future.

“We’re excited to announce these significant investments through the Community Revitalization Grant Program to help strengthen our communities and the future of our state,” said Governor Mike Parson. “As we continue our work to ensure our state’s economy remains strong, these grant awards will make a real difference for local communities. Projects funded through this program will benefit Missourians all across our state by supporting critical services and addressing local needs."

The Community Revitalization Grant Program was launched in September 2022. The program awarded competitive grants to applicants, including municipalities, counties, and nonprofit organizations, to benefit households, communities, and small businesses affected by the pandemic. Grant awards will fund a variety of projects, such as downtown property renovations, business skills training, homelessness prevention, and more.

“This program will have a real, positive impact for Missouri communities while supporting our state’s economy today and in the future,” said Maggie Kost, Acting Director of the Department of Economic Development. “Thriving communities mean a thriving economy and more opportunities for Missourians to prosper. We’re grateful to help achieve that through strategic investments in local areas that need support the most.”

“This program will be transformational in its impact for citizens from all walks of life in communities throughout our state,” said Shad Burner, Director of Federal Initiatives for the Department of Economic Development. “Communities of all sizes and regions have experienced major difficulties in recent years, and our team has worked hard to make the most of this historic opportunity to provide assistance. After many months of planning and collecting public feedback, we’re proud to announce the award of grants that will improve the lives of fellow Missourians while strengthening the places they call home.”

Details on recipients of the Community Revitalization Grant Program are available here.

A total of $100 million was allocated to the program. A portion of the funding total was reserved for each Missouri region based on population, and every region except for the North region exhausted its reserved portion. DED will hold a second round of funding for the North region, which initially had $10 million available and will have approximately $4 million available in the second round. Details on the second round will be shared at a later date.

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