Missouri Government Bidding Opportunities

Connecting Business to Government

Missouri Government is a market channel that may provide a new source of opportunities for Missouri businesses. The resources identified below are intended to increase awareness of Missouri Government Bidding Opportunities and provide guidance on how to participate in this market channel.

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If you wish to view and respond to all bids, including federal, state and local in one portal, proceed with STEP 1.

Skip to STEP 2 if you wish to only view and respond to State bids.


Explore Missouri Government Bid Opportunities – Bid Locator Tool

Get Alerts for and Locate Bids in Missouri from hundreds of Federal, State and Local Government entities

The MissouriBUYS Bid Locator Tool (https://missouribuys.mo.gov/business-opportunities) is a consolidated search engine tool that can be used to LOCATE and GET ALERTS for bid opportunities for Missouri government (i.e. local, state, federal) and political subdivisions.


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If you wish to only apply for State bids, proceed with STEPS 2 through 4.


Find Missouri State Government-Specific Bids

Find Bids from Missouri State Government entities

The MissouriBUYS Bid Board (https://missouribuys.mo.gov/bidboard) is a central portal for Missouri State Government bid opportunities that notifies registered vendors of new opportunities in categories pre-selected by the vendor during vendor registration. 


How to Register as a State Vendor

Register as a State Vendor

Vendors interested in selling products and/or services to the state need to register as a vendor through MissouriBUYS Vendor Registration (https://missouribuys.mo.gov/registration). Registering is free of charge.


Submit Your State Bid  Response (must be registered through MissouriBUYS)

Submit Your State Bid Response

Registered vendors use the Login Button on the MissouriBUYS website to submit their electronic bid response. Step-by-step instructions for electronic bid response.


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