Missouri Broadband Provider Survey

A key strategy to accelerate broadband deployment in Missouri is to understand the barriers and challenges facing the broadband provider community. This survey is designed to record your company’s thoughts on the specific barriers impeding infrastructure deployment and adoption of broadband in Missouri. The Office of Broadband Development appreciates your time in completing this survey and requests only one survey response per company. The cumulative results of this survey will aid our office in determining future priorities, the data necessary to help make policy decisions, and provide ideas to ease or remove barriers. Broadband, for all areas of our state, is vitally important and necessary for our citizens to be successful in today’s global economy. A special recognition to Connected Nation for allowing us to adapt this survey for Missouri. Deadline for completion is May 31, 2019.

"Hard Barriers" are those which delay or prevent the physical development, expansion, or upgrading of infrastructure.
Major barrierMinor barrierNot a barrier at allDon't know or not applicable
Acquiring easements
Cost of middle mile access
County government zoning regulations
County right-of-way permitting
Lack of available spectrum
Lack of middle mile infrastructure
Lack of subsidies/incentives
Cost of capital
Local government (i.e. city, village, township) right-of-way permitting
Local government (i.e. city, village, township) zoning regulations
Low density of households
State right-of-way permitting & approval process
Physical geography/terrain
Pole attachments & requirements
Pole restrictions
Tower siting issues (FAA, FCC restrictions, requirements, etc.)
Trenching restrictions or permitting (private entities)
“Soft Barriers” are those related to broadband adoption and/or the demand for broadband service, that may prevent households or businesses from subscribing.
Major barrierMinor barrierNot a barrier at allDon't know or not applicable
Concerns related to online security
Digital literacy skills of the public
Installation fees
Lack of awareness of broadband's benefits
Real or perceived cost of broadband service
Real or perceived cost of computer or device ownership

In an effort to document Missouri best practices, please indicate three communities or counties in which broadband deployment is easiest, and explain what makes deployment in those communities easier.

Missouri has been chosen to participate in two national broadband mapping projects. One is the Broadband Mapping Initiative, where the State’s Broadband Fabric will be created and the other is led by NTIA in creating a Broadband Availability Map as directed by Congress. To assist with the pilot projects, please provide the best point of contact for CostQuest and NTIA to utilize in requesting your participation:

To assist the office of Broadband Development in future communications and outreach please provide the following key contacts
Chief Executive Officer/Manager of Missouri Operations:
Communications or Public Relations Director/Manager:
Government Affairs Director/Manager

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