Capitol Complex Tax Credit Act

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To assist in funding rehabilitation and renovation of buildings in the Capitol Complex. The Capitol Complex includes the State Capitol building, Supreme Court building, Old Federal Courthouse, Highway Building and the Governor’s Mansion.

Applications accepted year-round.

Eligible Donations
  • Eligible artifacts donated to the Board of Public buildings shall be allowed a credit in an amount of thirty percent of the eligible artifact donation.
  • Eligible artifacts include items of personal property specifically for display in a building of the Capitol Complex or former fixtures which were previously owned by the state and used within the Capitol Complex. The Board of Public Buildings has sole discretion in determining whether a donation is an eligible artifact.
  • Eligible monetary donations submitted to Missouri Development Finance Board for deposit into the Capitol Complex Fund or to an eligible 501(c)(3) organization shall be allowed a credit in the amount of fifty percent of the donation.
  • Monetary donations include cash, check, money order or similar cash equivalents valued at the face value of the currency, stocks of publicly traded companies; and bonds that are publicly traded.
Program Benefits/Eligible Uses

The donations collected through this program will be used primarily by the Office of Administration for the restoration and maintenance of the buildings in the Capitol Complex. 

This tax credit can be applied to:

  • Ch. 143 – Income tax, excluding withholding tax (except for taxes due under Sections 143.191 to 143.265)
  • Ch. 148 – Bank Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, Other Financial Institution Tax

This tax credit’s special attributes:

  • Refundable (monetary donations only) or Carry-forward 4 years
  • Sellable or transferable
  • All credits must be redeemed within 5 years of issuance