Skilled Workforce

Missouri’s central location, pro-business climate, thriving export market, and large, turn-key labor pool has helped make it a top destination for transportation and logistics companies.  Today, 82,000 Missourians are in employed in the transportation & logistics industry.   

With nearly three million highly-educated workers, Missouri’s growing and diverse population is a strong point of difference among other Midwestern states. In fact, Missouri’s substantial number of skilled employees exceeds the entire populations of 19 states, including Kansas, Arkansas, and Nebraska.

Missouri boasts a workforce with a greater level of educational attainment than the national average, in addition to having 138 post-secondary educational institutions, more than most other Midwestern states.

All of these factors make Missouri's people its greatest resource, and one of the main reasons why so many businesses find success here.  Of the 2.67 million workers in Missouri, nearly 82,000 are employed in occupations relevant to the Transportation and Logistics Industry.

These high-paying occupations include railroad occupations; pilots and avionics technicians; sales representatives; auto, bus and truck mechanics; diesel engine specialists; productions planning and expediting clerks; and computer programmers.

The Talent Pool in Missouri Runs Deep

Missouri’s workforce has the education that Transportation and Logistics companies need.  

  • Programs offered by Missouri's two and four-year public and private institutions are tailored to each facet of the industry, from factory floor to the executive level.
  • 86.9% of Missouri's population over 25 (over 3 million people) has attained a high school diploma or higher, exceeding the national average of 85.6%.
  • In 2009, 85,021 post-secondary degrees/certificates were awarded in the state. Of those, 38,370 were bachelor's degrees, 19,512 were master's degrees and 3,501 were doctorates. The numbers of degrees awarded in all categories exceeded the national average.
  • Over one million Missourians hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Specialized Programs Serving Transportation and Logistics

University of Central Missouri- The only publicly-funded university in the state that offers a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science Aviation.  The Department of Aviation is one of fewer than 30 schools nationwide that is Aviation Accreditation Board International-accredited.  UCM offers Federal Aviation Administration certificates, bachelor's degrees in four majors (Professional Pilot, Airport Management, Flight Operations Management and Aviation Maintenance Management), and a master's degree in Aviation Safety.

Saint Louis University- The Park College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology offers a wide array of undergraduate majors, including aviation management and flight science, a Master of Aviation degree, and a Doctor of Aviation degree.  

University of Missouri- St. Louis- The College of Business Administration offers undergraduate degree minors in logistics and operations management and transportation studies.  The College also offers MBA programs in logistics and supply chain management and operation management, as well as several other higher degree opportunities.  

Missouri State University- Offers a Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Washington University in St. Louis- Offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with major or minor in operations and supply chain management.  Master and MBA degrees in supply chain management are also available.

Crowder College (Joplin)- Offers several associate's degree and certificate programs relevant to the transportation and logistics industry, including Professional Truck Driver School and Heavy Equipment Operator program.

St. Louis Community College- Across the college's four campuses, several certificate and degree programs are offered that are pertinent to the Transportation and Logistics industry.

State Technical College of Missouri- Offers several programs relevant to the transportation and logistics industry, including Heavy Equipment Operations, Medium/Heavy Truck Technology, Aviation Maintenance, and Automotive Technology.

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