Industry Fields

Missouri's Transportation and Logistics industry includes three sub-sectors:

  • Freight Hauling
  • Warehousing
  • Wholesalers

Freight Hauling 

Freight Hauling includes a wide variety of commodities that are palletized and transported in a container. These businesses provide a combination of supply chain management activities, including local pickup and delivery, sorting, and line-haul.  Modes of transportation include:

  • Air Cargo
  • Rail
  • Inland Water Ports
  • Trucking 


The area of warehousing includes warehouse and storage facilities, logistics management companies and container manufacturing firms.

  • Warehousing and Storage: Many firms provide specialized facilities that offer refrigeration or accommodate farm products.  Other companies provide general storage for boxes, barrels, drums, equipment, and pallets.
  • Logistics Management: These firms provide assistance to businesses in manufacturing operations improvements, productivity improvement, production planning, quality assurance, inventory management, distribution networks, warehouse use and operations, and materials management. 
  • Container Manufacturing: This business sub-sector is comprised of firms that manufacture shipping containers and parts for shipping containers.  This includes products made from wood, such as boxes, barrels, crates, and pallets; shipping pads and shaped cushioning made from foam and plastics; and light and heavy gauge metal containers used for air cargo, ammunition, etc.


This area covers wholesalers and brokers of the merchandise central to the supply chain, including firms engaged in the wholesale trade of durable and non-durable goods.

  • Non-durable goods are new or used products with less than a three-year life span, such as clothing, personal products, and food.
  • Durable goods include items such as motor vehicles, furniture, construction materials, sporting goods, and recyclable materials.  

Transportation and Logistics Chart

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