Rebuilding Communities

To stimulate business activity in Missouri’s “distressed communities” by providing tax credits to eligible businesses that locate, relocate or expand their business within a distressed community.

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Eligibility requirements: 

HB 184 became effective August 28, 2013. This bill replaced the Rebuilding Communities program with Missouri Works. Only those companies that received a proposal on August 27, 2013 or before may submit a Notice of Intent for Rebuilding Communities. Any company currently in the program may continue to receive benefits through the end of their approved benefit period provided they continue to meet program requirements.

Reporting Requirements

The "Tax Credit Accountability Act" reporting form must be submitted to DED by June 30 each year for three years following the year of the first issuance of tax credits.

Special Program Requirements

A business can only earn the 40% Tax Credits under this program for one eligibility period.

No business can earn credits under this program if earning Missouri Quality Jobs, Enterprise Zone, Enhanced Enterprise Zone, Business Facility or Brownfield Jobs and Investment Tax Credits for the same project for the same tax period.  If a project is eligible for more than one such program, the business must choose only one program.

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