Land Assemblage Tax Credit Program

Support redevelopment of blighted areas into productive use.

Not currently accepting
Eligibility requirements: 

No new authorizations may be made for this program. Existing projects with previous authorizations may complete their projects and may still achieve the program benefits subject to the program rules and any terms and conditions of their original award.

Reporting Requirements

Redevelopers must submit satisfactory evidence of all acquisition, maintenance, and interest costs to DED annually prior to November 15. If maintenance costs are to be included, DED must post on its website the type and amount of such costs.

Special Reporting Requirements

  • No tax credits shall be authorized after August 28, 2013. Any tax credits which have been authorized on or before August 28, 2013, but not issued, may be issued, subject to the limitations provided under this subsection, until all such authorized tax credits have been issued.
  • Tax credits may be applied against the taxes imposed under chapters 143, 147, and 148, RSMo, except for sections 143.191 to 143.265, RSMo., or any unused portion may be carried forward for credit against the taxes imposed under chapters 143, 147, and 148, RSMo, for the succeeding six years, or until the full credit is used, whichever occurs first. The applicant shall not be entitled to a tax credit for taxes imposed under sections 143.191 to 143.265.
  • Unused tax credits may be sold, assigned, or transferred. Such transfer must be submitted to DED on Form MO-TF.

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