Community Development Block Grant - Neighborhood Stabilization Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) awarded grants to Missouri communities to assist in the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of foreclosed homes to income qualifying persons/families.  Resale was limited to persons/families of low, moderate and middle income (LMMI) status.

The State received two separate allocations of NSP funding:  $42,664,187 through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and an additional $5,000,000 through Neighborhood Stabilization Program III (NSP3).

All NSP and NSP3 funds have been awarded to units of local government and other eligible entities (list below).

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Eligibility requirements: 

Neighborhood Stabilization Program authorized by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.  Neighborhood Stabilization Program III (NSP3) authorized by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

NSP grantees:

Grantee Project Number Allocation
Belton DN-01 386,766.28
Cape Girardeau DN-02 280,963.91
Cape Girardeau DN-301 311,368.14
Carterville DN-03 4,322.00
Columbia DN-04 610,806.00
Elsberry DN-05 262,546.00
Florissant DN-06 1,505,120.00
Gladstone DN-302 2,795,125.00
HSTCC ND-307 752,500.00
Independence DN-07 2,173,724.00
Independence DN-303 2,803,875.00
Jefferson City DN-08 440,776.00
Joplin DN-10 668,723.00
Kansas City DN-11 1,162,997.00
Sikeston DN-13 876,707.00
Springfield DN-304 785,000.00
Springfield DN-14 1,674,504.67
St. Charles DN-15 639,649.00
St. Joseph DN-16 2,598,717.00
St. Louis City DN-17 2,325,993.00
St. Louis City DN-305 1,600,000.00
St. Louis County DN-18 6,466,168.00
St. Louis County DN-306 2,946,047.00
Troy DN-19 844,989.00
Truesdale DN-20 448,398.00
Warrenton DN-21 676,223.00
Webb City DN-22 379,641.00
MHDC DN-23 4,200,000.00
State Administration   2,042,538.00

NSP3 grantees

Independence 2011-DN-01 1,500,000
Raytown 2011-DN-02 1,250,000
St. Louis (city) 2011-DN-03 1,000,000
St. Louis County 2011-DM-04 1,000,000
State Administration   250,000

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