New Markets Tax Credit Program

Provide supplemental funding for investment entities that have been approved for the Federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program in order to direct more funding to Missouri projects. The NMTC program provides state and federal tax credits to investors that make investments into approved funds, which will make investments in eligible projects located in low income census tracks in Missouri.This program does not provide tax credits directly to businesses. Eligible businesses interested in obtaining funding should contact the approved "Community Development Entities" that are listed on the website below.

Not currently accepting
Eligibility requirements: 

No new authorizations may be made for this program. Existing projects with previous authorizations may complete their projects and may still achieve the program benefits subject to the program rules and any terms and conditions of their original award.

Reporting Requirements

Twelve months from the date of the official allocation letter, the Applicant CDE must notify DED where the QEI was invested, provide adjusted purchase price, Senator and Representative information on where investment was made, and how much of a tax credit will be available for the taxpayer.

Special Reporting Requirements

Fee Imposed on Tax Credit Recipients (Section 620.1900, RSMo)

 The DED has the authority to charge a fee in an amount up to 2.5% of the amount of tax credits issued. The implementation of this fee is effective on all applications received by the Department (and subsequently approved) after September 7, 2005. Applications for entitlement tax credit programs currently held by the department where hard construction commences by October 15, 2005 shall not be subject to the fee. The fee shall be payable for deposit in the Economic Development Advancement Fund prior to the issuance of tax credits.

  • The tax credit is not refundable or transferable. Any amount of credit that cannot be used in the taxable year may be carried forward to any of the taxpayer’s five subsequent taxable years.
  • Tax credits earned by a partnership, limited liability company, S-corporation, or other “pass through” entity may be allocated to the partners, members or shareholders of such entity for their direct use in accordance with the provisions of any agreement among such partners, members, or shareholders.
  • Qualified investments shall not be made following fiscal year 2010, unless the program is reauthorized by the general assembly.

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