Film Production Tax Credit

The Film Commission attracts film, television, video and cable productions to Missouri, and to promote the growth of the film and video production industry within Missouri. The Commission operates a full-service office devoted to saving filmmakers time, effort and money in arranging a shoot. 

Not currently accepting
Eligibility requirements: 

No new authorizations may be made for this program. Existing projects with previous authorizations may complete their projects and may still achieve the program benefits subject to the program rules and any terms and conditions of their original award.

Reporting Requirements

Certain tax credit recipients are required to annually report to the DED information pertaining to the project that received the tax credits. The statute requires that a full year pass after the issuance of the tax credits before SB1099 reporting requirements must be met.

The "Tax Credit Accountability Act" reporting form must be submitted to DED by June 30 each year for three years following the year of the first issuance of tax credits, including the following information:

  • Category of business by size
  • Address of the business headquarters
  • Addresses of all offices located within this state
  • Number of employees at the time of the annual update
  • Updated estimate of the number of employees projected to increase as a result of the completion of the project
  • The estimated or actual project cost

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