Employment Transition Team

To help alleviate unemployment and economic distress resulting from business closings or cutbacks; and to facilitate the creation of new jobs to replace those lost.

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Eligibility requirements: 

Services Provided

  • Job Placement, training and other services offered by the Dislocated Worker Program to assist in quickly returning to work.

  • Economic development assistance to companies experiencing possible downsizing or closure.

  • Community resources coordinated to assist laid-off workers.

  • Meetings held with affected workers advising them of available programs and services.

  • Pre-layoff assistance to lessen the impact of the layoff.

  • Working with the Department of Economic Development and the community to attract new employers to the affected area.

Who can Participate

Businesses and their workers affected by a downsizing or layoff event.

Who to Contact

For more information contact the Division of Workforce Development at 1-800-877-8698.

Application Process

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