Established Information Technology Industry

Missouri's Information Technology History

Missouri's Information Technology industry encompasses three niches:

  • Software, Hardware, and Systems Design
  • Data Centers
  • Technology Resource Centers

Missouri benefits from the presence of the National LambdaRail (NLR) and Internet2, which are high-speed national networks connecting research institutions to enable fast exchange of data.  The NLR is a 12,000 mile, high-speed national network infrastructure that runs over fiber-optic lines.  Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Internet2 is an advanced network consortia, connecting more than 60,000 educational, research, government, and community institutions over their advanced fiber-optic, dynamic circuit network.

In addition to these established networks, the state’s MoBroadbandNow initiative continues to move forward, increasing access to a critical communication tool for homes and businesses statewide.  Once completed, broadband accessibility will be at 95 percent.

Missouri's Information Technology Industry benefits from the Missouri Technology Corporation that provides strong statewide support for entrepreneurs in high-tech fields, as well as the state's university-affiliated Innovation Centers. 

The information technology industry employs 102,044 workers.   

Recent Industry Expansions

The field of information technology in Missouri continues to grow.  There have been several announcements of existing facility expansions, new facility expansions and new companies locating to the Show-Me State. In 2014, Cerner Corporation announced an expansion that would hire 15,000 new jobs worth a $4.30 billion dollar investment. In 2014, Netelligent, a leading provider in technology solutions, expanded their Chesterfield operation to add 60 employees. 

Information Technology Companies in Missouri

IT companies in Missouri include:

  • Bick Group: (HQ St. Louis) Provides design, assess floor, fire protection, and building controls solutions for data centers.
  • Cass Information Systems: (HQ St. Louis) Founded in 1906 as Cass Avenue Bank, provides payment and information services for financial, accounts payable, transportation, logistics, utility and telecommunications applications.
  • Cerner Corporation: (HQ Kansas City) Provider of health care information technology solutions.
  • DST Systems: (HQ Kansas City) Offers automated recordkeeping for the mutual fund industry. A division of Kansas City Southern Industries, DST is the largest provider of third-party shareholder recordkeeping in the U.S.
  • Emerson Electric Company:  (HQ St. Louis) A global manufacturing and technology company offering products and services in process management, climate technologies, network power, storage solutions, professional tools, appliance solutions, major technologies, and industrial automation. Emerson recently built a new data center in Missouri powered by more than 550 solar panels, providing 16% of the center’s energy requirements during peak output.
  • IBM: (Columbia) IBM recently selected Columbia for a new technology delivery center, which will provide customer assistance for more than 800 IBM products.
  • Jack Henry & Associates: (HQ Monett) Processes transactions, automates business processes and manages mission-critical information for more than 8,700 financial institutions and corporate entities.
  • MEMC Electronic Materials: (HQ St. Louis) MEMC is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of wafers and related products to the semiconductor and solar industries.
  • Simclar Group: (Springfield) The Springfield facility is dedicated to backplane assembly and high level integration of complex electronic systems for leading telecom and datacom customers.
  • BIME Analytics: BIME Analytics will be locating in Kansas City. BIME Analytics is a cloud computing company that delivers simple-to-use business intelligence data. The company is headquartered in France, but nearly one-third of the company’s clients are in North America.
  • ECCO Select: ECCO Select is an information technology and management consulting firm that provides a wide range of IT support services to both private and public-sector clients. ECCO Select was founded in 1995 in Kansas City.  
  • MindMixer: MindMixer is an information technology company that provides an online platform to encourage civic involvement. The company has over 600 clients, including cities, school districts, and other organizations.
  • Netelligent: Netelligent is a global technology solutions company that provides companies with the basic technologies they need to run their businesses, including phone systems, servers, networking, and video.
  • LightEdge Solutions: LightEdge offers dynamic end-to-end network, colocation and IT cloud solutions, providing businesses with reliable access to Fortune 100-level infrastructure backed by technology experts that quickly adapt and scale to meet changing business requirements. 
  • Decision Insight: Decision Insight is a nationally recognized, custom online marketing research firm that works extensively with Fortune 500 companies. The company uses advanced analytics and sophisticated modeling to help clients, including retail stores and restaurants, to make strategic business decisions that will enhance profits.

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