Centrally Located With Excellent Infrastructure

Missouri's central location and extensive transportation infrastructure can give you an edge over the competition.  Because of its central location, as Missouri's general and specialty medical care continues to grow, the state attracts out-of-state residents needing services.  According to the Missouri Hospital Association, in 2012 hospitals in Missouri provided their workers with nearly $7.5 billion in wages and $1.9 billion in benefits in 2012. 

Missouri's Advantages

  • Missouri is located within 600 miles of 50% of all U.S. households.
  • Missouri is located within 600 miles of 52% of U.S. manufacturing establishments.
  • Missouri has the 9th best transportation network in the nation based on value of goods shipped by air, land and water, the availability of air travel, and the quality of roads (CNBC).

Infrastructure Details


With major interstates including I-64, I-44, I-70, I-55, I-35, and I-29, Missouri has the seventh largest highway system in the nation and boasts some of the least congested highways in the country (Reason Foundation).

Missouri Roads by the Numbers:

All public roads: 129,717 miles
State Highway miles: 33,677
Interstate miles: 1,181
Road bridges: 24,245

(Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2008)


Missouri travelers can reach most cities in the United States and Canada in less than three hours by air. Which means you and your business are only a short flight away from nearly everywhere in North America. Whether you’re flying in cargo from New York or you need to make a quick trip to your offices in San Francisco, your destination is within reach.

The airport system in Missouri consists of approximately 140 public airports, with two airports supporting major commercial passenger traffic: Lambert-St. Louis International and Kansas City International.

SpringfieldBransonJoplinColumbiaCape GirardeauKirksville and Waynesville (Fort Leonard Wood) also have commercial service.


More than 950 companies in Missouri are engaged in telephone, cable and wireless communications as providers, suppliers and contractors.

For more information on Missouri telecommunications networks, visit the Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association website.

Google Fiber in Kansas City

Google Fiber is a project to build ultra high-speed broadband network in Kansas City using fiber-optic communication. The network will deliver Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit (or 1,000 megabits) per second. That's more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today.

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