Health Services

The Point of Care

Health Services includes hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and medical laboratories.  

Hospitals and Clinics

The category of hospitals includes general medical and surgical hospitals, substance abuse hospitals, mental health hospitals, and specialty hospitals.  Clinics include doctors and dentist offices, nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers. 

In addition to providing care to Missourians and patients from out of state, Missouri's hospitals and clinics provide an important opportunity for medical education, providing hands-on training and experience for residents.

Medical Laboratories

Medical laboratories provide diagnostic and analytic services to the medical profession as a while, and to patients as referred by a health provider.  These include dental, optical, and orthopedic labs as well as biological, forensic, and medical pathology labs.

Wellness Centers

Wellness centers encourage Missourians to be proactive in their health.  Through education and prevention measures, patients are empowered to live healthy lifestyles, avoiding when possible major illnesses and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

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