Health Sciences

Putting new technology to work.

Health Sciences is often thought of as the "business side" of health services.  Health Science professionals help bring Health Innovation to the marketplace.  

Health Care Information Technology

There is a current movement to improve health care delivery and diagnosis through the digitization and distribution of health care data.  Examples of health care IT products are biosurveillance, clinical informatics, electronic health records, immunizations and response management, management engineering-process improvement, medication management, nursing, informatics, organizational patient safety tools and practices, and public health case reporting.

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Pharmacy Benefits Management is the third party administration of prescription drug programs and includes processing and paying of prescription drug claims, contracting with pharmacies, and negotiating discounts and rebates with pharmaceutical manufacturers.  By improving the cost and utilization of prescription drugs, patients will see great success from treatment.

Health Care Consulting

These professionals provide an array of advisory services critical to providers, including facilities planning, financial operations and planning, government regulation, human resources, information technology management, internal hospital management, managed care, operations, governance, physician practice management, strategy development and implementation, marketing, equipment planning, support and clinical service, and legal counsel. 

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