Get Started

To apply to become a Missouri Certified Work Ready Community, follow this helpful CHECKLIST:

Organize your local leadership team

Counties are encouraged to build their teams with local stakeholders. Members should have a strong commitment to this effort as they will be essential to the long term outcome.  We suggest each team have a leader who will have the time to ensure success for your county.  Each team should include members from the local Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, County Commissioner/local government official, Education Leadership (K-12), local Workforce Development Board, and Community College.

 Important: The steering committee must be comprised at a minimum of the following...

  1. Chambers of Commerce Leader
  2. Economic Development Leader
  3. Elected Official (i.e. County Commissioner, County Council member, Mayor)
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  4. Education Leader (i.e. Superintendents, Administrators, School Board, K-12, Career Tech Ed.)
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  5. Community College Leader
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  6. Local Workforce Development Leader
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  7. Employer/Business Owner

Assess your county goals, using ACT National Framework

County look up of Certificate Holders
By going to the site you will find a map of Missouri.  Each county has goals specific to its population (small, medium, and large). By clicking on your county you will find your local goals. These goals were established by Missouri’s Department of Economic Development and ACT, and are based on the 2010 Census. 

Develop your county plan to reach threshold criteria

You will be required to submit a plan for achieving your goals to the CWRC office when you notify them of your intent to participate.  If data is approved, your county will be given the Missouri Work Ready Community "In Progress" status.  You MAY submit a supplemental narrative that enhances your application that your Team considers significant.

Prepare Application

You will be required to gather letters of commitment from each of your Team members.  A sample for this letter may be found in the application package.  The name of the primary contact person for the CWRC will need to be included.  You can either apply online or print the application package and mail it to:

PO Box 1087
Jefferson City, MO 65102


The CWRC Committee will review applications and notify communities that have been chosen to start their journey to becoming a CWRC. All goals must be met within two years after being accepted into the program.

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