Thank you for your interest in the Missouri Work Ready Communities initiative. By taking part in this effort, you will have the opportunity to transform your community’s economy and gain a competitive advantage in expanding existing businesses and attracting new businesses and jobs.

In order to qualify, your county will need to reach the targeted goals. This will include a certain number of individuals in your workforce obtaining a National Career Readiness Certificate, and a set number of employers recognizing, preferring or recommending the NCRC in their hiring.

Initially, we anticipate that most communities will not have achieved their county goals; therefore, most successful applicants will be granted a Work Ready Community "In Progress” status. If your community has already achieved its goals, a "Certified Work Ready Community" status will be awarded.

Certification goals may seem challenging at first glance! But with a strong leadership team, and a well-developed plan, they are most certainly attainable!

Once granted “In Progress” status, counties will have up to two years to achieve certification. We sincerely hope all of our 114 counties will give consideration to the CWRC application. Please feel free to contact our statewide CWRC Director at (573) 526-8241, or submit questions via email

We look forward to working with you!

The application package can be completed online or downloaded and submitted via mail.


  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – about the Work Ready Communities initiative
  2. Checklist for Application
  3. Criteria for Certification 
  4. Application
  5. Letters of Commitment

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and a recommendation will be made to the Missouri Workforce ​Development Board (M​WDB), which will make the final determination for certification.

Download the Application Package: 
Missouri Work Ready Communities Application Package

Fill out the Application online!

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