Missouri was chosen to be one of seven states in the country to implement the Certified Work Ready Communities (CWRC) initiative.

Participation in CWRC is voluntary and guided by key community leaders (local elected officials, economic development, business leaders, chambers, educators, and workforce development). Whether your county is large or small, you will be able to attract, retain, and develop a workforce with the education and foundational skills to succeed in the 21st century by utilizing the National Career Readiness Certificate.

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Missouri Certified Work Ready Communities

By strengthening your local workforce your community can prosper and grow.

A certified Work Ready Community means your local county has job candidates in the pipeline with high-demand skills proved by the National Career Readiness Certificate. It also shows that local employers care about hiring the best and brightest your region has to offer.

Missouri Certified Work Ready Communities

What is an ACT Work Ready Community?

What is the NCRC?

ACT’s® National Career Readiness Certificate is a work-related skills credential, providing objective documentation of individual's skills that is accepted nationwide. It is composed of three WorkKeys®  assessments that measure skills critical to on-the-job success.

How Can Someone Earn an NCRC?

WorkKeys assessments are offered at the Missouri Job Center locations statewide.  By speaking with staff at a Missouri Job Center, individuals can schedule a WorkKeys assessment time.  A map of local Job Centers is available at jobs.mo.gov/findcenter.

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