TC Transcontinental Packaging to expand in Clinton, creating 50 new jobs

June 8, 2022

TC Transcontinental Packaging, Inc., a leader in commercial printing and packaging, announced today that it will expand in Clinton, creating 50 new jobs. The expansion is TC Transcontinental Packaging’s second in two years and will further expand its food packaging.

“TC Transcontinental Packaging’s expansion in Clinton demonstrates our state’s ability to support companies with our skilled workforce, low business costs, and unmatched logistical advantages,” said Governor Mike Parson. “Missouri is home to global leaders across various industries, and we’re proud to provide companies like TC Transcontinental Packaging with a solid foundation for success. We look forward to this company’s continued growth as we celebrate this significant investment in our state.”

TC Transcontinental Packaging is Canada’s largest commercial printing and packaging firm. Construction is underway to add 105,000 square feet of space to the company’s existing Clinton facility, located in the Gerhart Industrial Park. When completed in late 2023, the 225,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing plant will serve as one of TC Transcontinental Packaging’s flagship operations. New jobs added will pay an average wage well above the county average.

“We have a strong culture of performance, innovation, respect, and teamwork at TC Transcontinental Clinton,” said Jeff Lasley, Senior Vice President at Transcontinental Packaging. “Our workforce is dedicated, hardworking, and agile. Our team has earned this investment by laying the groundwork for growth. They continuously deliver on our customers’ needs and expectations, and we’re thrilled to support this team by creating new jobs in the community. Transcontinental Clinton has been a member of the Clinton community for over 27 years. In addition to providing the community with job opportunities, we are passionate about continuing to support families in need and community youth through our participation in over 30 events and charities.”

For this expansion, TC Transcontinental Packaging used the Missouri Works program, a tool that helps companies expand and retain workers by providing access to capital through withholdings or tax credits for job creation.

“This expansion will have lasting, positive impacts for Clinton, and we’re excited to see TC Transcontinental Packaging thriving in Missouri,” said Maggie Kost, Acting Director of the Department of Economic Development. “This project was supported by a variety of organizations working hard to support the growth of their community. We’re grateful we could assist our local partners as TC Transcontinental Packaging continues to succeed and help Missourians prosper.”

“The City of Clinton wants our local companies to know how important they are to our economy and we will continue to be aggressive in our efforts with local expansions,” said Clinton Mayor Carla Moberly. “We’re working to show new companies we mean business and that we are a great location to consider. TC Transcontinental Packaging is a great company and we’re appreciative of their continued investments and new jobs here. The Mayor and City Council are proud to have had a part in this world-class project. These new jobs are high-paying jobs and are much higher than the current county average wage rate.”

About TC Transcontinental Packaging, Inc.

TC Transcontinental Packaging, the Packaging Sector of TC Transcontinental, is a leader in flexible packaging with operations mostly in the United States, as well as in Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China, with about 3,800 employees. Its platform consists of one premedia studio and 26 production plants specializing in recycling, extrusion, and lamination, printing and converting. TC Transcontinental Packaging offers a variety of flexible plastic products, including rollstock, bags and pouches, shrink films and bags, and advanced coatings servicing a variety of markets: dairy, coffee, meat and poultry, pet food, agriculture, beverage, home and personal care, industrial, consumer products, and medical.

The TC Transcontinental Clinton facility is proud of their role in providing packaging for the nation’s essential food supply chain. They are passionate about manufacturing flexible packaging films that are vital to ensuring well-known meat and cheese products remain fresh and safe. 

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About the Missouri Works Program

As the state’s number one incentive tool for expansion and retention, the Missouri Works Program helps businesses access capital through withholdings or tax credits to embark on facility expansions and create jobs. This program can also help businesses purchase equipment to maintain its facility in Missouri.

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About the Missouri Department of Economic Development

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