Office of Broadband Development and University of Missouri Extension conduct survey on internet access and use

March 1, 2023

To guide the state’s internet expansion and training efforts, the Department of Economic Development’s Office of Broadband Development (OBD) and the University of Missouri (MU) Extension have partnered in conducting a brief online survey on household internet access and use. The anonymous survey, which takes about six minutes to complete, is now open for submissions.

“As we continue making historic investments in Missouri’s broadband infrastructure, we encourage public feedback to inform our efforts,” said BJ Tanksley, Director of the Office of Broadband Development. “Hearing from citizens, in urban and rural areas, is an incredibly valuable part of understanding our state’s needs. This survey from our colleagues at the University of Missouri will play a vital role in informing future investments, achieving a digitally inclusive future, and helping Missourians prosper.”

The OBD and MU Extension survey asks households about existing internet use, including devices, connections, and applications, in addition to barriers to using them, such as financial obstacles and training and assistance needs. Achieving the full economic benefit of broadband expansion requires both the availability of connections and their adoption and use, which is vital for telemedicine, education, business, and more.

“The survey will be used to obtain community feedback to support the development of additional data-driven tools and outreach reinforcing OBD’s broadband efforts across the state,” said Alison Copeland, the University of Missouri System’s Deputy Chief Engagement Officer and Manager of the UM System Broadband Initiative.

The UM System’s Broadband Initiative is a coordinated effort to encourage the statewide build-out of reliable, high-speed internet infrastructure and use of broadband-based applications to improve the lives of Missourians.

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