New jobs planned for Harrisonville as ACCI Specialty Materials, LLC grows locally

March 28, 2017

HARRISONVILLE—Yesterday, Gov. Eric Greitens announced four business expansions across the state including ACCI Specialty Materials, LLC, a specialty and custom chemical manufacturer for aerospace, automotive and personal care industries, which is planning to create 14 new jobs in Harrisonville with their startup company.

"We are working hard every single day to get more jobs with higher pay for Missourians—and businesses and companies across our state are taking notice of the new direction we’re taking the state," said Gov. Eric Greitens. "More companies around Missouri have made plans to expand, and we know that every job they create is a life and a family’s life changed. SugarCreek Packing Co. plans to create 70 new jobs at its facility in Carthage where it will add new manufacturing. TopOPPS is a software company with plans to expand and create more than 35 jobs. ACCI Specialty Materials, a startup that manufactures chemical products for the aerospace and automotive industries, is planning to add 14 jobs at its facility in Harrisonville. And Pipkins, a software company based in Chesterfield, will add 10 good paying jobs to its community. Thank you to these companies who are investing in the state of Missouri. You sent me here to fight for you and to fight for more jobs with higher pay—and we’re going to continue to do everything we can to make sure that we put Missourians back to work."

The startup's plans include modifications to the HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and purchasing additional processing equipment to support their specialty and performance chemical manufacturing needs. Additionally, their laboratory testing capabilities have to be built from scratch. While they currently rely on off-site testing capabilities, those same capabilities will need to be available at the Harrisonville location to allow for timely and cost effective analyses. 

“We are very excited about the expansion of our business to the Harrisonville, Missouri site.  The expansion will provide us new in-house specialty and performance chemical manufacturing capabilities for producing products that support the aerospace, automotive and personal care market. We currently support these markets with materials procured from both domestic and international manufacturers, either in a contract manufacturing situation or as a direct purchase," said the startup's Director of Operations Dave Goodman. "We will now be able to manufacture internally using our own technology and procedures, all of which will make us more competitive.  A real positive is the quality we can build into our processes thus providing a strong domestic partner for these industries.”

Recently, ACCI Specialty Materials have identified and hired professionals from the area to help with starting and operating the facility. These include individuals from local universities (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry majors) along with people who have operational experience. As of now, the startup has two Chemical Engineers, a Ph.D. Chemist and an experienced maintenance person. Their five-year goal is to have 10 to 15 employees at the site.

The facility the startup chose in Harrisonville, along with its assets, provided an opportunity to build upon as the facility was previously a chemical manufacturing site. The site had undergone a partial equipment sale prior to their ownership so new and replacement equipment will be needed to bring the facility back to an operating state. 

As a manufacturing site, ACCI Specialty Materials utilizes local business to support their infrastructure and operation. These include services of electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters, insulators, local equipment services, and environmental services.

The City of Harrisonville and Department of Economic Development assisted with ACCI Specialty Materials, LLC's expansion efforts.


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