Multi-million dollar steel tube mill expanding to Twin Cities Industrial Park

February 19, 2016

DUNN, Mo.—The Missouri Department of Economic Development today announced that L&R Industries is expanding operations with a new steel tube manufacturing and distribution facility in the Twin Cities Industrial Park in Dunn, Missouri. The multi-million dollar expansion is creating 10 new jobs and being made possible by community efforts to improve infrastructure.

Through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award, the communities of Mountain Grove and Cabool plan to extend streets to allow for increased and heavier truck traffic to and from the company’s facility, which will benefit the entire business community as well as help attract additional business to the area.

“Companies such as L&R Industries, which were founded in Missouri and continue to grow and evolve and serve new markets from Missouri, are real success stories for the state’s business community,” said Mike Downing, director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. “I commend L&R Industries for continuing to grow right here in the state. The department is proud to see businesses and communities leveraging their assets to create jobs and stimulate economic growth.”

“Twin Cities Industrial Corridor is excited to be approved for state grant dollars that will help improve the park right now and allow us to better handle future industry development in the area as well,” said Ray Allen, President of the Twin Cities Industrial Park.

L&R Industries is headquartered in and has three locations in Cabool. The company has a long and well-established history in specialized metal fabrication, millwright and crane services. This new steel tube mill is the company’s fourth Missouri location, and it’s a result of the company’s expanding reel manufacturing process.

The company’s growth and success can be attributed to a variety of factors, according to L&R Industries Vice President Doug Jones

“No doubt a quality workforce and conservative, committed operation over our 39, soon-to-be 40 years of operation has led in part to our success,” Jones said. “It’s taken a lot of effort. We’re excited about the CDBG grant that will benefit our operation as well as current and future tenants of the Twin Cities Industrial Park.”

To assist L&R Industries with its expansion, the Missouri Department of Economic Development has offered a strategic economic incentive package that the company can receive if it meets strict job creation and capital investment criteria.

The CDBG program, administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, provides grants and loan funds to cities with a population under 50,000 and counties under 200,000 to assist in a variety of public works and economic development projects.