Date Designated: 
May 19, 2006


Eligible "Enhanced Business Enterprises"

By NAICS Code:
49 - Warehousing and Distribution 
42 - Wholesale Trade 
56 - Materials Recovery Facilities 
31,32,33 - Manufacturing 
81, 33, 42, 54, 43 - Mining

*Any other Business Enterprise that creates and maintains 50 or more full time jobs, defined as 35 hours per week or more, excluding retail (NAICS sectors 44 and 45), eating and drinking establishments (NAICS sector 722), and gaming operations (NAICS sector 7132).

By section 135.950(7)(b) of the RSMo: 
An international, national, regional or state headquarters of a revenue producing business or enterprise.  Allows service industries to be eligible only if a majority of its annual revenues will be derived from services provided out of state.

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