Missouri Prime Beef Packers expands in Pleasant Hope

January 15, 2021

Missouri Prime Beef Packers, producers of high quality beef that operate production facilities and a beef marketing firm, announced extensive upgrades and modifications to their existing 100,000 sq/ft facility to accommodate for beef processing. The facility had previously been used as a pork processor. This expansion represents an investment of $10 million and is expected to create 225 jobs in the area.

“It’s always exciting to see Missouri grown companies succeed,” Governor Mike Parson said. “Missouri Prime Beef Packers is an excellent Missouri company that values its employees, products, and customers. This expansion is great news not only for the Pleasant Hope community but for the entire state of Missouri.”

The plant will have the capacity to process 500 head of cattle per day and will custom process cattle for a variety of niche programs that emphasize a connection between the consumer and the producer. Missouri Prime Beef Packers believe a plant of this size will give them the best opportunity to create quality beef products.

 “People want to know where their food comes from, and this smaller plant will provide branded beef programs an opportunity to increase their market share,” co-owner Stacy Davies said.

Missouri Prime Beef Packers aims to establish a lasting place in the community. Their dedication to the community and their team paves the way for the successful establishment of this expansion.

 “People are your number one asset,” co-owner Derek Thompson said. “We have found experts in their respective fields to fill key positions at the plant. We would put our team against any in the country.”

With the construction phase well underway, the management team has shifted their focus to further developing their team. The Missouri Prime Beef Packers is currently working to develop a culture that focuses on employee prosperity.

“It’s exciting to see Missouri Prime Beef Packers expand to create good paying jobs in this rural community,” said Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn. “Many leaders at the local and state level have pitched in to help make this a success, including the cattlemen and cattlewomen in this area. It’s businesses like these that will ensure agriculture remains Missouri’s number one economic driver.”

“Companies like Missouri Prime Beef Packers know that Missouri is the right choice for jobs and investment,” said Missouri Director of Economic Development Rob Dixon. “Their expansion will provide great opportunities for Missouri citizens, and it enhances our economy’s continued growth, especially in the southwest region.”

“The Economic Development Alliance has been working with Missouri Prime Beef Packers since March 2020,” said Gail Noggle, Executive Director for the Bolivar and Polk County Economic Development Alliance. “To see this project come to fruition and provide 250 new jobs to our area is very rewarding for all of us that worked on this development. We look forward to having them as our new corporate neighbor in Polk County”

Missouri Prime Beef Packers used the Missouri Works program, an incentive tool to help companies expand and retain workers by providing access to capital through withholdings or tax credits for job creation. Missouri Prime Beef Packers is also partnering with Missouri One Start, a division of the Department of Economic Development, to provide recruitment assistance that is tailored to meet the company’s specific workforce needs. Missouri One Start’s professional training network ensures companies have the right workforce with the right skillset, when they need it.

Visit our website to learn more about Missouri Works and Missouri One Start.

Learn more about Missouri Prime Beef Packers at www.missouriprimebeef.com.

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