Hillman opens distribution hub in Belton, investing $3 million

April 25, 2023

Hillman Solutions Corp., a leading North American provider of complete hardware solutions, announced today that it has opened a new distribution hub in Belton, investing $3 million. The company’s facility, relocated from California, is approximately 305,000 square feet and began fulfilling shipments in early April.

“We’re proud that a leading company like Hillman has recognized Missouri as an ideal location for business,” said Governor Mike Parson. “Our state’s advantages, including its strategic location, strong infrastructure, and low business costs, continue to attract investments from innovative companies. We look forward to Hillman’s success as it grows and creates jobs in the Kansas City area.”

The Kansas City region’s strategic location and abundant access to rail, air, water, and road transportation played a key role in Hillman’s decision to locate in Belton. Kansas City also has 30 percent more interstate miles per capita than any other U.S. city. Hillman’s new facility will be optimal for logistics, allowing for faster delivery of products to more than 40,000 retail locations.

“As 85 percent of the U.S. population can be reached in one to two business days, the central location of the new distribution hub will allow us to service our customers much more efficiently,” said Doug Cahill, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Hillman.

“We’re excited for this significant investment from Hillman, which will benefit Kansas City and our state,” said Maggie Kost, Acting Director of the Department of Economic Development. “Missouri is already home to a growing number of employers in manufacturing, distribution, and other related industries. Hillman is a welcome addition that will provide more opportunities for Missourians.”

Those interested in career opportunities at Hillman’s Belton location can learn more at hillmangroup.com/careers.

For this expansion, Hillman will benefit from the Missouri Works program, a tool that helps companies expand and retain workers by providing access to capital through withholdings or tax credits for job creation.

What others are saying

“Hillman’s decision to open a new distribution hub here in Missouri strategically positions them within 600 miles of 135+ million potential customers, helping them reach even more customers quickly and efficiently,” said Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership. “We are excited to welcome Hillman to Missouri, and we are looking forward to watching them grow in our state.”

“Hillman’s selection of Belton, Missouri, for its new facility reinforces our region as a hub for distribution,” said Chris Gutierrez, President of KC SmartPort. “The Kansas City region’s central location, multi-modal transportation, skilled workforce and vertical readiness help position leading companies like Hillman for continued growth.”

About Hillman Solutions Corp.

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hillman Solutions Corp. (“Hillman”) and its subsidiaries are leading North American providers of complete hardware solutions, delivered with outstanding customer service to over 60,000 locations. Hillman designs innovative product and merchandising solutions for complex categories that deliver an outstanding customer experience to home improvement centers, mass merchants, national and regional hardware stores, pet supply stores, and OEM and industrial customers. Leveraging its leading distribution and sales network, Hillman delivers a “small business” experience with “big business” efficiency.

To learn more about Hillman, visit hillmangroup.com.

About the Missouri Department of Economic Development

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) works to create an environment that encourages economic growth by supporting Missouri’s businesses and diverse industries, strengthening our communities, developing a talented and skilled workforce, and maintaining a high quality of life. As one team built around the customer and driven by data, DED aspires to be the best economic development department in the Midwest. Through its various initiatives, DED is helping create opportunities for Missourians to prosper.

For the latest updates on DED’s current or future programs and initiatives, visit DED’s website.

About the Missouri Works Program

As the state’s number one incentive tool for expansion and retention, the Missouri Works Program helps businesses access capital through withholdings or tax credits to embark on facility expansions and create jobs. This program can also help businesses purchase equipment to maintain its facility in Missouri.

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