Governor Mike Parson announces up to $22 million in grant funds for nonprofits

July 22, 2020

Governor Mike Parson announced a new Nonprofit Relief and Recovery Grant that could provide up to $22 million for Missouri nonprofits assisting communities in response to COVID-19.

“Missouri nonprofits have been a lifeline for many Missourians throughout the COVID-19 crisis,” Governor Mike Parson said. “They have delivered critical support to our citizens, and this grant will ensure that they are able to continue helping those who need it most.”

The Nonprofit Relief and Recovery Grant was designed to support nonprofits in meeting critical and emergent needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and to help these organizations maintain their operations despite lower than average donations due to the pandemic.

“The nonprofit community has been instrumental for many Missourians in this time of uncertainty,” Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon said. “This program will help magnify those efforts, supporting these organizations even as the pandemic evolves.”

Organizations eligible for this grant are 501(c)(3) nonprofits, excluding hospitals, schools, and animal charities. Funds can be used to cover hazard pay for direct health care workers, leasing additional space for social distancing, cost of testing, program payroll and supply expenses related to increased demand for nonprofit services, direct assistance to individuals and families, and more.

The maximum grant request is initially limited to $250,000 and organizations applying must show a direct link between the COVID-19 crisis and their ability to provide services or a significant increase in demand for services by the community. Applicants must also demonstrate incurred costs or anticipated costs between March 1 and November 15, 2020.

DED will accept applications in two rounds via electronic submission. Round one will be accepted from July 22 to August 14, 2020. Eligible to apply are nonprofits serving disadvantaged populations, whose services are substantially dedicated to addressing critical needs resulting from the COVID-19 public health emergency in the areas of homelessness prevention, job training, food insecurity, at-risk youth services, childcare, and educational support. Round two will be accepted from August 19 to August 28, 2020. Eligible to apply are nonprofits providing services not identified for wave one who can demonstrate they are suffering from direct and second-order effects of the public health emergency.

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