Workforce Resources

 Missouri Work Ready Communities
Are you ready to validate your workforce to potential employers? Show companies that your community has a ready pipeline of employees with high-demand, certified skills ready to succeed.
 Education & Training
Maintain your community’s competitive edge and be sure your workforce has access to the most up-to-date skills, training and education.
 Career Tools
Today’s competitive economy comes with many new challenges. These helpful resources can enhance career searching for your residents.
 Wage Explorer Tool
Use this tool to see where your graduates end up working, what wages they earn, and what industries they work in. This award winning tool was designed to research the work outcomes of particular populations within the state.
 Show-Me Heroes
This program was designed to connect Missouri’s military men and women (and their spouses) with meaningful employment after they return home from service. Encourage businesses in your community to take the pledge and hire these work-ready candidates that have all the know-how to succeed in today’s high-tech and fast-paced economy.
 Innovation Campus
Our groundbreaking, Presidentially-recognized approach to college education trains students in high-demand fields while cutting the time it takes to earn a degree and reducing student debt.
 Employment Transition Team
In the event of a layoff, our team of professionals can help guide both affected employers and employees with customized services – all at no charge. Transitioning these workers to new employment or to new career opportunities helps sustain communities.
 Local Employment Figures
Get the latest labor force and unemployment rates for your county or metro area.

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