Community Redevelopment

Community redevelopment builds stronger and more resilient communities throughout an ongoing process of identifying and addressing key needs and priority investments for upgrades. The State of Missouri has a wide portfolio of programs to help make the redevelopment process easier, with resources ranging from updating outdated water systems to installing new, energy-efficient utilities and lights in local facilities.

Through the cleanup and redevelopment of existing sites and facilities, communities encourage higher property values and create jobs while building safer, healthier spaces ready to house new businesses and residents. Adapting and re-using properties to meet today’s market demands, as opposed to building on new green space, ensures the continued existence of viable and sustainable areas that contribute to the local tax base and bring revenue into the area. If you’re ready to revitalize your downtown area, neighborhoods, or industrial sites and signal to investors and prospective businesses that your community is primed and dedicated to maximizing its economic development potential, we’re here to help! Print our Community Development Program Guide.


Historic Preservation Tax Credit

Provides incentives for the redevelopment of commercial and residential historic structures across the state.

Downtown Preservation

Facilitates the redevelopment of downtown areas and the creation of jobs by providing essential public infrastructure.

Chapter 353 Tax Abatement

Permits real property tax abatement to encourage the redevelopment of local blighted areas.

Brownfield Redevelopment Program

Provides incentives for the redevelopment of abandoned or underutilized commercial/industrial sites that are contaminated with hazardous substances.

Missouri Main Street Connection

Seeks to enhance the economic, social, cultural, and environmental well-being of downtown business districts through historic preservation.

Local Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Permits the use of a portion of local property and sales taxes to assist in funding the redevelopment of designated areas within a community.

State Supplemental Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

This program can fill the financing gap for local TIF redevelopment projects and can be used for land acquisition, construction of public works, studies and surveys, and professional services.

Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP)

Provides assistance to community-based organizations that enables them to implement community or neighborhood projects in the areas of service, education, crime prevention, job training and physical revitalization.

Neighborhood Preservation Act

Provides incentives for the rehabilitation or construction of owner-occupied homes in eligible areas of the state.

Community Development Block Grants

From addressing local health and safety concerns to improving local facilities such as senior centers and community centers, CDBG programs are designed to support your community's wellbeing and greater capacity for growth. Grants are available in a variety of categories and can be utilized for a variety of community development initiatives. 

Small Business Disaster Loan Program

Provides financial assistance and access to capital to businesses located in any county that has been declared a federal disaster area or identified by the United States Small Business Administration as a county impacted by a natural disaster.

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