Community Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation upon which all economic development takes places and thrives. Because of this, investments in infrastructure lay the groundwork for not just improved community facilities and structures, but also for economic growth.

Because infrastructure projects can be costly, the State of Missouri has a wide portfolio of programs and resources to help upgrade and improve the fabric of your community. Whether it’s replacing bridges, retrofitting a facility for business attraction, or installing a new sewer system, the department has a program to help your community improve its infrastructure and position itself for business attraction. And the benefits of these programs are twofold – the infrastructure improvement projects themselves create local jobs, while also serving to attract investment, stimulate commerce, and support local businesses, ultimately creating more jobs. Check out all our resources to update your local infrastructure today! Print our Community Development Program Guide. 


Community Development Block Grants

From addressing local health and safety concerns to improving local facilities such as senior centers and community centers, CDBG programs are designed to support your community's wellbeing and greater capacity for growth. Grants are available in a variety of categories and can be utilized for a variety of community development initiatives. 

Local Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Permits the use of a portion of local property and sales taxes to assist in funding the redevelopment of designated areas within a community.

State Supplemental Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Facilitates the redevelopment of blighted areas by providing essential public infrastructure and financing.

Missouri Infrastructure Development Opportunities Commission Program (MIDOC)

Provides financing to rural communities and districts to partially fund infrastructure improvements, with priority given to water and sewer projects addressing public health and safety issues.

Public Entity Loan Program

Provides individually structured, tax-exempt revenue bonds tailored to meet the needs of public entities for public buildings, jails, public infrastructure, acquisition of land, or demolition of buildings.

Tax-Exempt Industrial Revenue Bond Program

Provides low-interest loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds for the acquisition, construction, and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment.

Tax Credits for Contributions Program

Provides tax credits equal to 50 percent of the value on any eligible contribution to the Missouri Development Finance Board by a taxpayer for one of three funds: the Industrial Development and Reserve Fund, the Infrastructure Development Fund, or the Export Finance Fund.

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