Additional Resources for Businesses


Existing Business Retention and Expansion: DED's business specialists with the numerous local economic development agencies and chambers of commerce to facilitate existing business projects.

Business Attraction: DED contracts with the Missouri Partnership to promote Missouri to out of state business.


ExportingDED educates companies in the export process, assists in identifying buyers in foreign countries, and provides funding to businesses to assist them in export marketing.

Redevelopment: DED and local incentive programs can assist in the redevelopment of blighted areas, historic properties, brownfield properties, and main street improvements.

Workforce Development and Training Incentives: Through, businesses can post job openings and connect with training incentives and hiring resources designed to help them succeed. Personalized assistance is also available through our network of Business Representatives and Career Centers.

Talent Attraction and Development: The fastest growing companies are locating and expanding facilities primarily where they can attract and retain top talent, particularly in the STEM fields. Initiatives to grow this talent include:

Energy Efficiency: DED's Division of Energy assists, educates and encourages Missourians to advance the efficient use of diverse energy resources to provide for a healthier environment and to achieve greater energy security for future generations.

Infrastructure Funding: DED's Business and Community Services Division and the Missouri Development Finance Board help support communities with the development of the infrastructure that supports economic growth and the improvement of community facilities, water and wastewater projects, and fire protection projects.

Tourism: DED's Division of Tourism promotes Missouri as a top-of-mind travel destination and to boost state revenue through increased visitor spending.

Film Production: DED's Film Commission attracts film, television, video and cable productions to Missouri, and to promote the growth of the film and video production industry within Missouri. The Commission operates a full-service office devoted to saving filmmakers time, effort and money in arranging a shoot.

Arts and Events Promotion: DED's Arts Council provides grants to nonprofit organizations to encourage and stimulate the growth, development, and appreciation of the arts in Missouri.

Community Development: DED's Business and Community Services Division and the Missouri Community Service Commission help support community-based organizations, non-profits and volunteer organizations with a number of finance incentive programs that assist with Volunteerism, youth opportunities, crime prevention, neighborhood development, senior services, and family support services.

Women's Business Assistance: DED's Women's Council serves as a resource and referral center to help encourage, educate, and support Missouri women as they pursue their economic goals. They connect women to a network of accessible, high quality advisory services and information ranging from employment and training, to information on starting a business to how to balance work and family.

Military Operations: The Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission designs and implements measures intended to protect, retain, and enhance the present and future mission capabilities at the military posts or bases within the state.

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