Business Announcements

Below is a list of companies that partnered with Missouri to announce their expansion projects and create jobs throughout the state. It does not encompass all of the great work that other Missouri companies have undertaken independently to expand during the year.*
Company Location Jobs Investment
Multivac Kansas City 50 $6.90M
AAIPharma Services Corp. - CML St. Louis (county) 30 $10.70M
Pramata Kansas City 15 $272K
Toyota Bodine Troy 109 N/A
Phoenix Manufacturing Glasgow 45 $1.25M
Hartmann US Rolla 50 $30.00M
Vinuity Cape Girardeau 50 N/A
Charter Communications St. Ann 200 $16.00M
PolySol Farmington 17 $150K
Midwest Metalcraft & Equipment Company Windsor 8 $150K
Lacgene Technologies St. Louis (county) 30 N/A
World Wide Technology Maryland Heights 500 $95.00M
LockerDome St. Louis (city) 300 N/A
Eurofins Panlabs St. Charles 10 N/A
Logoplaste Kansas City 110 $35.00M
JASPER Engines & Transmission Willow Springs 24 $2.50M
Unite Private Networks Kansas City 30 N/A
ThrottleNet Crestwood 24 N/A
Paradise Locker Trimble 30 N/A
Cardinal Health Moberly 50 N/A
MMC Contractors National Kansas City 42 $3.00M
Green Supply Vandalia 31 N/A
Detroit Tool Metal Products Lebanon 30 $4.20M
KPMG St. Louis (city) 175 N/A
Menards Sullivan 129 $29.10M